6 Amazing Tips To Give Better User Experience On Great Web Design
July 3, 2024
Web design

When you have a great web design with attractive features, it can impress clients, and even their clients. A good brand, quality user interface, engaging photographs, and videos are not the only things that can help your business make that lasting impression. An optimised for Google website with a great web design is actually a great investment for your business.

A website doesn’t only revolve around visitor conversions. Sometimes your primary traffic source can be Google Adwords, or paid social media ads. A website can be extremely efficient on Google when it’s being built with SEO (search engine optimisation) and will rank better. 

Getting people to see your site is the easiest part on SEO, but getting them to take an action is actually the hardest thing to achieve. Maybe you’re seeing visitors showing up through Google analytics, but they haven’t gone further than the home page. Why is this? Below we have outlined some of the reasons with some easy things for you to implement on your design today.

Do website visitors respond to you?

General process here is called the Lead Conversion.

Different companies have different criteria for lead conversions. Sometimes your goals are:

  • online sales through an eCommerce shop
  • growing the email subscription rates  and opt-ins
  • to get customers to book an appointment through an online booking form.

A great web design can help attract visitors to land on your home page, but if there is no incentive for visitors, your page will have a large bounce rate.

Think about it like this, the average time a person spends on your site is between 5 to 15 seconds. This means there’s not much time to grab the attention you need. 

When a website has a good web design and is optimized for search engines, visitors may explore more pages and content, leading to a better user experience overall. Even if they don’t purchase or buy - they will often come back at a later date if your page and content is excellent.

Tips to better user experience on a great web design

Below are some tips to building a website that has more lead conversions.

Keep it simple

A great web design should have features that are simple and easy to use. A website with a slow loading speed may turn your audience away. Keep your site simple. Try not to overload the web page with content that can slow down the site speed. Although some features are attractive to see, refrain from extra add-ons and pop up screens on your website, because they actually decrease your site's effectiveness.

Keep your main headline above the fold, on the home page. It helps people see what your business is about in a couple of seconds. When headlines have no specific intention on the website, visitors become confused. We are not saying that scrolling is terrible on a site. Just make sure to keep important information simple and at the top of your site.

The use of Icons

Most websites display products, services, benefits and features using illustrations. But for a great web design you have to make these a bit more unique. Get a designer to create these for your business so you can stand out.

For example, if you are promoting a hair product, it will be nice to see hairdressing icons. Add some creativeness to your icons and make them unique to your brand.

Reveal product benefits upfront

A website is the best place to market and promote your products. To make this happen succinctly, you have to keep your sales goals and objectives upfront. It should be easy for a visitor to understand what your business and products are at first glance.

Using ‘white space’ in a great web design

White space is a design term that means lots of space around your content sections. Try to make sure you use enough ‘white space’ as you can to help people scan your website more easily. Visitors may miss things like key messages, so you can highlight these with links or use images to add a more visual appealing element.

Make the website navigation smooth

Many of us don’t have the patience to stay in one place for a long time, this also applies to your website. When there is more than one click, visitors lose interest and leave. That’s why a simple website navigation is quite beneficial for your business.

The web design should incorporate what visitors are searching for and find on the site. This means that visitors should have the ability to find things easily. It will help make your site go from a just a reading site to a more transactional site quickly.

Check out Google analytics

Google analytics is the best method to find gaps that can impact your site and your sales. There are many kinds of blockages that can downgrade your conversion rates of your website on Google. When checking Google analytics make sure you set up tags and check these regularly to balance and manage what works well, and what isn’t working for your business.

Sometimes there may be a high bounce rate for a page but it depends on the purpose of the page, so these are not always the best things to measure. Remember there are many technical issues related to websites, that may block visitors. When continually checking data analytics, make sure to keep an eye on what's happening with your site. If you need assistance with this get in touch as we can work on an SEO strategy for your business.

Things to note

There’s a lot to plan and manage when its come to a great web design, even when the primary goal  is to have a strong online presence. Having a great web design has many advantages if you optimise it for search engines and user experience. This takes design and website functionality planning.

If you want to speak to a web design agency in Sydney, why not contact us? Our business has serviced clients all over Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. We can create an effective plan for a better online performance for your website, as well as design a great website that looks good to you and your customers.

With more than 5 years experience in web design and 17 years combined experience in digital marketing,  we’ll ensure an excellent outcome for your business.

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