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2021 Web design trends

In 2021 we have already embraced a big change in how we work, taking our business more online than ever before. The design techniques we use for good website functionality has also changed for the better. Having new friendly platform interfaces and organising user activities are the best approach for strong user experiences and higher engagement rates on websites.

Good customer experience should be the focus of your website design, as these affect your sales and profitability. It’s never too late to think about how you can grow your online reach and enhance your website with better touch points. 

For this reason, we have listed several design elements to consider when refreshing your website in 2021.

Quality visual design: user experience

User experience is how a person engages with your website, and the user interface is how the site visually looks. These together act an essential elements on a website which are really important for your sales. 

Think about it as if you are visiting a website for the very first time. If that site was designed 10 years ago, would you still be interested to work with a company with an old fashioned and outdated design? Technology evolves quickly - even a web design that is 3 years old is often obsolete.

75% of people browsing your website will question the credibility of your business  based on the website visual design. It’s important to keep your website up to date so the user feels confident about hiring or working with your business.

Think of back to the web design trends of 2020, which were minimalist design and bold typography. Adopting these type of web design trends can help your business grow and customers will see your company as more competent than the competition.

You need to know what crucial visual elements that your customers or website users like, and at Caria Watt we make sure we start researching your customers to find out what they love and are not keen on  when it comes to your website and online presence. 

Dark mode

Web trends in 2021 are heading to the dark mode aesthetic with black providing the perfect backdrop to help features pop on the page.

We have refreshed our website to keep up with the web trends 2021. Our website incorporates a dark theme with scrollytelling elements and minimalist design features. 

The dark mode increases the readability of our website and delivers information to users with a higher amount of visually appeal.

Content segmentation

Online users scan information rather than reading the whole web page. Scanning helps people find the information quickly. Using eye-catching headlines makes it easier for readers to digest the page quickly, and is more effective.

A segment content helps a user scan the page and guides them to the exact information they’re looking for. Successful designs in 2021 use constraint with multimedia experiences:

  • Keep it simple - too much visual can be distracting or overwhelming.
  • Use different media formats to maximise accessibility of the content.
  • Avoid autoplaying videos and have clear play button to give the option to play the video.

Bold typography is another great way to improve the visual design of any website and creates a heirarchy, that naturally guides the eye to import information. But this is just one of the hottest web design trends in 2021.


A growing trend is telling stories through web experiences, because you can navigate the user flow on a site. The best application of scrollytelling can be found on Caria Watt website in the home page under the ‘Website solutions for world class brands.” We’ve used the services that scroll when you hover over the text across the page. If you click on the service it will click through to a relevant internal page.

To apply scrollytelling you need to:

  • Keep the motion within a small area. 
  • Provide interactions on the user’s terms. Include a pause and stop when a person scrolls on the page. 
  • Make sure scrollytelling elements help emphasise your brand, instead of  distracting the user. 

This strategy can create an introduction to your services and helps structure your website to lead users to internal pages. This is another good rule for web design trends in 2021.

Element consistency 

Element consistency tells us that all the functions and the visual elements act in similar ways on each web page. This helps users feel familiar and more comfortable with your site. 

The easiest way to have consistency is to have a formal set of guidelines to follow. For example, make CTAs and links consistent design and colour across every webpage. This will help define elements for web users and be easier for them to interact with. 

Muted colours 

Natural muted and subdued colours are the theme for this year, although we still believe in our brand using the black backdrop with bright colours, like our personality. The use of subtle light and dark backgrounds make the designs feel more alive.

Gaussian Blur

There is the trend of using Gaussian blur to provide a swirl of soft focus to images and gradients. This effect has been around for a while but it has appeared more in prominent spaces in web designs.

Geometric grids

Grids are always good for simple designs and provide flexibility in structuring a layout with a clean and bold look. There is a growing trend to use geometric grids which could become outdated quickly.


By following some or all of these 2021 design trends, you can create a website that is modern and will have a lot more interactions and attention towards your business. Your website will be more accessible because you have removed the unnecessary guess work for users.

If you need some guidance around your business reach out today and let us give you a complimentary online valuations.

About the Author
Caria Watt
With 18 years experience in digital marketing and online growth strategies, Caria has consulted in iconic brands, not-for-profit and the entertainment industry in Sydney and London. As a presenter and a Business Building Expert for the Holistic Entrepreneur Association, Caria has been published in - Thrive Global, The Good Men Project and The Dating Directory Co.
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