Hosting, Domain and Website CMS explained - what every business should know
July 3, 2024
Web design

If you plan to build a website, you have probably heard terms such as  Domain, hosting and CMS. It may feel confusing at the start but each component is necessary to launch your website.

That’s why we’ve explained (in simple terms) what each one means and why you need them.


The Domain is the name and address of your website. People type this name into search to visit your website.

All the files on your site are kept on your host provider's server, resulting in an IP address for your website. An IP address is a set of numbers which can be difficult to remember. Your website or the domain name is a user friendly way to remember and reach your IP address.

A domain name leads to the IP address using a DNS (domain naming system). DNS knows your domain location and also the hosting server. So it allows a method to have communication with each other.

Hosting provider

Hosting is the location where your website files are kept. A hosting provider would leave a space in the house for every part of a server site. When all of your files are on the server, they are tied to the domain name and shown publicly.

It doesn't matter where you choose to host your website. There are different options of  hosting to choose from. Hosting options are usually based on the website size, traffic and performance. Many hosting providers offer extra features like a certain CMS and  components such as updates, backups, security monitoring and more.

At Caria Watt we provide you with various hosting packages, and each have different features within them to match your business. When we manage your website we make sure that  the hosting service provides secure updates and we can implement updates, managing your backups as well. So it relieves the pressure for everything organised by another third party as it’s all done in one place.

Website Platform (CMS)

CMS or the content management system is the website platform. It is used for managing all of your website content. We work commonly with four content management systems at Caria Watt WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace and an HTML. Many of these provide an interface to update the website content without having access the code or upload new files.

CMS technology is more than managing the content. You have the ability to add some users with different permissions, such as assigning some users to write and upload content only. Once a role is created, you can give an account limited permission to contribute such as writing blogs. These permissions are not eligible to edit or delete any content from your site or within your pages.

This method allows it very easy for different people to collaborate on your website. If you can manage and edit the content, you will gain an easy way to publish your message to your ideal audience and create more realistic leads and opportunities. 

The right type of CMS can easily be identified by a web design agency that understands your business and what you are trying to achieve. At Caria Watt web design we can also help you choose the best hosting package to suit your needs. We always recommend that you should choose a domain name that clearly represents your brand or services.  

When you combine a suitable CMS and hosting package for your website, it will make your site is visible on search engines, along with keeping it up to date, secure and have maintainable pages.

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