Marketing authentically the best currency
July 3, 2024
Will your marketing be remembered as genuine, where the customer is the focal point, or is it manipulative and short-sighted?

Marketing has evolved since people just bought items without question. But as competition has intensified, brands needed to differentiate themselves from the pack. This led to the advent of persuasive marketing, characterised by bombarding customers with catchy jingles and extravagant claims, all aimed at convincing them that their product was the best thing since sliced bread. At that time, these marketing tactics seemed to work wonders, capturing consumer attention and driving sales. But times have changed.

As we know consumers have evolved into more discerning individuals. They are savvy online, expect more and no longer succumb to flashy slogans or exaggerated promises. They yearn for something more profound from the brands they engage with 

Build trust through authenticity

Edelman research has uncovered a fascinating insight: a staggering 81% of consumers expressed a desire to trust a brand before committing to a purchase. In this modern age, trust has become an indispensable factor, and customers are increasingly drawn to brands that create a sense of security and reliability.

Gen Z, a generation renowned for its influence on consumer behaviour, has played a pivotal role in shaping loyalty. Loyalty often commences after the first purchase, but it doesn't stop there. It flourishes through direct engagement with brands, predominantly through social media. However, there's a significant caveat – this trust can only be cultivated when brands genuinely connect with their audience and are open (candid) in their interactions.

Transparency as the guiding light

Transparency is a cornerstone of authenticity. Concealing information, or operating behind a veil, is a perilous strategy. Customers value openness regarding products, pricing, business practices, and the core values a brand stands for. They desire to perceive an unobstructed view, with no hidden agendas or undisclosed motives.

Online information is ubiquitous, consumers place a premium on brands that are straightforward and candid about what they offer, how much it costs, and how they conduct their operations. Transparency becomes the foundation upon which trust is built, and trust, once gained, is the bedrock of enduring customer relationships.

Authenticity the best marketing currency

The new currency of marketing success is authenticity. To be successful in marketing, brands need to be genuine and true to their values. Customers can easily tell if a brand is being fake or just trying to make a sale. Instead, brands should focus on showing how they truly help people, as this is what consumers value and trust.

Consumers yearn to engage with brands that possess a genuine purpose and mission. They seek to align themselves with brands whose values resonate with their own. The new normal is biodegradable and good for the planet. The surge to help the environment for our future towards a greener and safer future. This alignment creates a sense of belonging and trust, transcending the transactional nature of business. It might be hard for you to align with this in your business. Take mine for instance. I only do things digitally. No paper or printing contracts. Its all done digitally and meetings are quick and convenient. I also donate 5% of profit back into the environment each year.

Giving back to receive brand loyalty

Authenticity extends beyond products and services. It encompasses a deeper desire to give back to the community. Demonstrating your business aspires to be more than profit-driven gives customers a deeply appreciated view on your brand mainly because you actively contribute to causes aligned with their values.

A good example is ‘Thankyou’, an Australian company wholeheartedly committed to improving your life and the life of others. Their products are vegan, and good for both you and the environment. When customers purchase their products, they're not just acquiring goods for personal use, they are contributing to the global fight against poverty.

What sets Thankyou apart is its unique approach to storytelling. Instead of simply selling products, they share inspiring narratives about how these purchases have transformed lives in diverse communities across the globe. This approach fosters a profound connection with their customers, making them feel genuinely involved in a meaningful cause.

The legacy of customer-centricity

The direction and legacy of your brand is firmly within your grasp. It's a choice between being remembered as genuine, building relationships with your customers or for pursuing short-term gains through manipulative tactics. Be mindful, your customers are not merely transactional entities; they serve as discerning evaluators and sometimes advocates of your brand. They actively seek authenticity, transparency, and a sincere commitment to a worthy cause ensuring your brand to be a beacon of trust.

As you reflect the principles of authenticity in marketing, consider how marekting can be thoughtfully integrated into your brand's business strategy. The road to success lies in nurturing trust, upholding brand values, and making a lasting impact on the world. By doing so, you'll not only gain loyal customers but also leave build brand advocacy to increase your bottom line.

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