What is the best business website for small business success
July 3, 2024
Web design

It takes 3 seconds for someone to form an opinion about your company based on your website

First impressions are everything! Make yours count with a visually appealing home page.

Did you know? Caria Watt websites are known for their seamless functionality and exceptional clean design?

User Experience

Are your site users having a positive experience navigating your website?

It's critical that users can access your web pages and articles in under three clicks, through a simple to use site menu.

Google / SEO Friendly (Search Engine Optimization)

Is Google able to find your website when someone searches for a business or service like yours?

If you don't, you're losing out on your piece of the market. It's critical to be found on Google by having a website that's rich with keyword content and uses SEO-friendly page titles, keywords, and meta descriptions.

Did you know? Every Caria Watt website is SEO-friendly, which means it stands a good chance of being discovered online. We can also track your website data and improve your SEO.

Social Media Integration

Does your business use social media to communicate with existing customers?

You may not be on social media personally, but your company should be! Customers should be able to easily share your business with their network of friends/contacts via ‘share buttons' on your website, expanding your immediate network.

What if we told you that Social Media integration is included with all Caria Watt websites, letting users share and follow your business on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

100% Mobile Responsive

97% of users access the internet using their mobile, rather than on desktop computers

A website should be accessible on mobile devices, simple to read and navigate with just one finger. These facts are difficult to ignore when you want to stay in business.

Did you know? Caria Watt websites are fully responsive mobile devices. Our responsive websites are designed to be easily seen on any device, anywhere, at any time.

Easily add and edit content

Maintaining an up-to-date website for your business is more vital than ever

The website platforms we create enable businesses to quickly change or add online content without needing a web developer. Or we can do this for you.

Did you know? We can train and support your business so you can get the most of your website. Our online manual, phone and email assistance are available to you

Website links and Call to actions

Have you considered what happens once a user visits your website?

The website should give your site visitors a seamless flow of content, images and links that lead them to contact you from any page on your site.

Regular blog and news updates

When you publish new articles on your website, your Google rankings rise

Google can search and preserve your business blogs for future search results if you add new and relevant content.

Every Caria Watt website includes the possibility to create your own blog and news page, ensuring that your website is always current and fresh!

Email marketing (EDMs)

Use email marketing to communicate with new and existing clients on a regular basis

Every business should have an email database, and using a website form to gather email addresses is a great way to do it.

Did you know? Caria Watt can develop your email marketing strategy to grow your business. 

Google analytics and website statistics

Do you have any idea how many people visit your website?

Looking at the results is the only way to keep track of how engaged your site visitors are. By connecting your website to Google Analytics, you'll be able to see how well it's performing, how many visitors each web page receives, and what search phrases people use to find it. 

Did you know? Caria Watt will set up a Google Analytics account for you and integrate it into your website's backend for easy monitoring. 

High Quality Photos

Every website is judged on the quality of its’ images

Your website needs to quickly and accurately portray your branding, personality and services via high quality images.

Did you know? Every Caria Watt website comes with free high-resolution photos, ensuring that your company has the greatest website possible to represent your brand.

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