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The primary goal for any business is to ensure that website content is at the forefront of your marketing activity

When it comes to writing website content, you have to make sure it is included in the marketing strategy. That’s why we recommend you outline your business and marketing objectives for the whole year. 

Many small business owners, when they first start out, find website and marketing confusing.

In this article, we have outlined the importance of writing website content well is the best business marketing tool because it aligns with your business objectives.

Marketing is the best and can be the hardest part of any small business. Most people think about marketing as the fun things such as social media and don’t think you need a strategy. But there is nothing further from the truth.

Your website content is really important because it needs to:

  • Reflect your business and who you are
  • Capture your target market and build trust
  • Explain what you do and your unique selling point

The website content creates a perception of your brand mixed with the quality of your services or products. It has to connect with visitors to feel a connection with your brand and hopefully make them feel secure about your business. 

Below are three reasons your writing website content well is the best business marketing tool:

1. Website content is a direct communication tool

Your website is the digital business card and platform where it can sell your services and products. Most of the time, business owners publish a website and just leave it to sit there, believing that it will gain traffic.

Website content is a process of how you are going to build a mutual bond with visitors who become leads because they trust your brand. Think about it like this. When you search for a product or service online, you read about the product or service. When a website content is written well and is easy to scan you instantly feel secure about buying that service of product right?

This means you need to make sure when writing website content that your visitors will be educated and feel like you business can be trusted.

2. Website content has a frequency

Your website gives off a certain vibe (frequency) to new and returning visitors. We call this a frequency to appeal. If your website doesn't make sense to visitors, or it doesn't clearly communicate what you do and has no brand vibe, then obviously these users leave your site and never come back.

Writing website content has to target the customers you want and have an appeal for them to come back to your site and business. Otherwise this could massively affect your overall bottom line. It is why many small businesses fail and that’s why it’s important to have high-quality SEO rich website content.

That quality of writing shows your customers that you are actually thinking about them, and it is the best foundation for your online marketing efforts. Include this with an awesome web design with great user functionality, the website content can support your yearly business objectives.

3. Website content is a marketing tool

Website content is a marketing tool. Writing website content can help build a strong marketing foundation and is a great approach to publish across multi-channels.

Why does this work? Because your content is full of information that can capture leads. The content when written well can be a great marketing tool, that attracts more traffic to your website and ultimately to your business.

A useful website content is a combination that can capture information such as:

  • What your business is, how you got here and even let customer meet the team.
  • Who your customers are including case studies and what projects you have done.
  • How your business can help customers, showcasing your services and products.
  • How customers can work with your business and how best to contact you.

Writing website content is something you can use over different platforms. You can even it in presentations, blogs, phone and video scripts, social media, e-books and even client proposals. A professional content marketing agency like Caria Watt Web Agency can help write SEO rich website content, repurpose this content across different channels, make it seem like a new message to help you widen your reach.

Website content conclusion

All the useful things in the world require a bit of work. The fact is writing website content well does need a digital strategy and work to align with your business objectives and sales goals. It is a good investment for your business when you outsource to a reputable agency, and when done well is a great marketing tool that pays dividends, such as warm leads. Don't take a chance with your website content. Spend time and effort to maximise well written website content so that your small business succeeds.

About the Author
Caria Watt
With 18 years experience in digital marketing and online growth strategies, Caria has consulted in iconic brands, not-for-profit and the entertainment industries in Sydney and London. As a presenter and a Business Building Expert for the Holistic Entrepreneur Association, Caria's writing is published in international publications - Thrive Global, The Good Men Project and The Dating Directory Co.
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