Why you need a killer website and web design FAQs
July 3, 2024
Web design
Your website questions answered

Building a website isn't hard. There are plenty of drag and drop website builders these days, with some claiming you can build one in just five minutes. All you have to do is sign up and get a free trial, pick a template, then drop some images, and add some copy and you're all set. That sounds pretty easy, right?

But if you want to build a great website that sells? That is a whole new ball game.

Why do you need a website?

Now, that is the million-dollar question.

We all know what a website is – a collection of web pages people can access online to find information, be entertained, or buy and sell products, and services. Pretty much what you're looking at right now.

Find your online customers

One of the main reasons people need a website is so that they can make more money by going online, to put it simply. Whether you're a brick and mortar business wanting to sell more products by going digital; or a hair salon aiming to get more new clients by expanding your reach online – website is your best bet to meet these 4.57 billion active internet users.

Supercharge your advertising dollars

Another excellent reason for having a website is that it can be used as an advertising tool. When you start dipping your toes in online advertising, you will no doubt spend some money on social media or Google ads. Sure, these advertising platforms are great ways to get exposure for your business, a few clicks and maybe even some new leads. So how do you turn those leads into actual paying customers? There is only so much information and call-to-action you can squeeze in the ad copy, after all!

Besides, customers are savvy and smart these days. When they see your online ads, they don’t always commit to buying right away. Your website is the next thing they'll look at – to see what other products and services you are selling, where your business is located, what the return policy is like and so much more.

Fact: 97% of buyers research a product online before making a purchase. 

Build a trustworthy brand

Now that you have these visitors checking out your website, this is your one and only chance to show them everything they need to know about your business.

Picture a clunky website – too many products, overwhelming colours, 'buy now' buttons everywhere, pixelated images, and a page that takes forever to load. Needless to say, you're in no hurry of buying anything from this business.

Did you know it only takes 0.05 seconds for people to form an opinion about your business based on your website design?

And this is why you'll need a smart website. Not just one that works; but one that is smart enough to tell these visitors to trust your business, and you will deliver what your ads say, because that you care about them. 

Doesn't sound very easy to build your own website anymore, does it? 

This is where a website designer can come in handy. 

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Your new website is waiting

If your business goal is to:

  • Get more customers online, and
  • set up a reliable, easy-for customers to-use website

Then we are ready to help you build a successful online business. 

Contact me here and let’s get started.

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