Caria Watt

Creating a Google optimised website


Client: Caria Watt

Focus: Creative Direction, Web Design, Digital Strategy, Frontend Development, Backend Development, Marketing and SEO

Caria Watt partners with leading creative brands like Stanley & Co Hair, to offer an all in one web design and marketing solution.

The goal was to redesign and deliver a web solution that would be a true reflection of our brand. The mission is to push mobile websites for a cleaner, smarter and more accessible world.

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Caria is an absolute pleasure to work with in every aspect of the design process. Her easy-going yet relevant and direct communication style, attention to detail and ability to decipher the specifications needed and convert this into an ecommerce website which I am extremely happy with, is a credit to Caria’s talented and professional approach.
- Damian Wainohu

Design Lead: Caria Watt

Tech Lead: Caria Watt

Project Management: Caria Watt

Content: Caria Watt

Development: Charles Wain

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