Landing Page Design Optimization: 5 best practice tips
July 3, 2024
Web design

It is the path that opens the door to your visitors on your site, and it can be used as a tool to measure the success of your marketing efforts. 

Most small business websites have at least one landing page, but as a business owner  how do you optimise the landing page design well?

Below we have listed the five essentials of a good landing page design to assure that it is  optimised for lead retention.

Example of a traditional landing page

1. Headlines that sell

On a website, readers always see the headline first

The headline is the primary spot to grab attention. Use clear, descriptive and concise headlines that tell what your web page offers. This  essential strategy to optimize landing page design, to ensure readers know exactly what’s on offer and are not mislead.

2. Insert a visual clue

The next thing your visitors see with a headline is an image.

Images represent a visual clue

This image is essential to use in a good marketing strategy, and our brains are naturally designed to grab things visually. Include a suitable picture or image to identify what you are offering . For example, if you are including a downloadable eBook, include a relevant image of the book cover or product feature to optimise landing page design.

Example, landing page design for Apollo Communications

3. Statements or Bullet points

Convincing readers what you offer is actually what they need

As the next element to optimize landing page design, you need to convince the visitor that what you are offering is what they need. Getting someone to give their email, phone number of personal details is more complicated than you think. Make sure you use small statements or use bullet points to list out the benefits that are included in your offer.

4. Convert using a form

Include a lead capture form or call to action button

Our fourth step to optimize landing page design, it’s time to include a lead capture form or button. Headlines, images and descriptions play a significant role in the landing page design. At the same time, a lead capture contact form is the real MVP that is a critical function to optimize landing page design. 

If you don’t include form to capture email address (for example), there will be no chance for visitors to state their information or for you to reach them in the future. Include a well-designed email lead capture form that is simple to use on your website.

Make sure to tailor the form for visitors to insert relevant information like name, phone number, email, or even the service they are enquiring about on your site.

5. Share your page

Social media is great for sharing your landing page, but only if this is relevant to your business

The last element to consider to optimizing landing page designs is how to share your page. Your landing page must have some way to share the page on social media or via email, to spread the word about your offer or advertisement. 

Give the chance for your visitors to help advertise and share the landing page to reach new audiences. Social media is a good platform to share your business, so include social media sharing links on your landing page design. This only applies if you have a business social media account.

Think you’re up to the task of making a high-converting landing page design? We hope so! If you’d like to talk to us at Caria Watt, we’re here to help. Give us a call to talk about your landing pages and other web design needs.

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