Five ways to solve low Google search ranking of your website
July 3, 2024

Every business should be focused on two things when it comes to their website. First trying to keep up with the continuously changing digital world,  and how to get their website visible on the first pages of Google search engine.

It's like a race to reach the destination without knowing where actually it is!

We are all looking for a shortcut but it’s good to note that great things take time and a little effort. This also applies to the SEO game.

But before we move onto the five ways to solve low Google search ranking of your website, you need to understand what SEO is, and what it can do for your business.

Let’s dive into five ways to solve low google search rankings for your website in a simple but detailed lesson:

  • What is SEO and how it works?
  • How long it takes to improve rankings?
  • Ultimate five ways to solve the issue of low rankings

What is SEO and how does is work?

SEO means search engine optimization. You may get an idea by the name that it is a process keenly focused on improving the optimisation of your website, so that it shows up in  search engine results. When you have optimised your website correctly, it shows up at the top results which are essentially the first pages of Google search results, and in return, increases the traffic to your site.

You may have seen many results on a search engine that states, you can improve your site's design to make it suitable for SEO. However, it’s way more technical than just the design of your website. 

One of the many things that matter for excellent SEO, is keyword placement. Keywords are words or phrases that have the capacity to describe your content (website, business, services and products), in understandable and searchable terms . 

Any word or phrase that people typically type into Google search, to bring up what they are looking for. For instance, if your website is about your cafe or a type of menu you specialise in, then the first phrase or word should be the focus of your main keyword or phrase. 

You need to use keyword placement this is distributed in the whole website, to make your website content is SEO optimized. In addition to this, there are also other factors like backlinks, images, videos, and other types of content that play a significant role in the site's optimisation. All these things together help make your website competitive enough to fight with hundreds and thousands of search results of the same type of services, and make it prominent in the top of Google search results.

How long it takes to improve website rankings?

For an honest answer to this question, we’d have to do a complete website audit and research your digital content, some competitors and have access to the backend of your website.

One of the most common difficulties that businesses face while trying to improve their SEO ranking is strong competition and it takes 30-90 days to see results when an agency takes over your SEO. If your website has no keyword placement, and had little to no content marketing, then it’s going to take some time to see results, but you will get results when done properly, and this is really important for you to know. 

Five ways to solve low Google search ranking of your website

For making your website prominent in the search results, you need time, patience, and dedication. Below are the ultimate five ways to solve the issue of low Google Search ranking of your website:

A solid SEO foundation

A well-built website with a strong architecture and attractive design has a very positive impact on the users your attract to your website. Be aware that people stop visiting a website when it is tricky to use, because of its poor structure. 

It means the same for your site as well. No matter how useful you think your site is, if it’s slow to load, has multiple technical issues, then there is a huge chance visitors will stop coming to your site, and you will see its’ Google search rankings drop rapidly.

This was the case when we redesigned our website. Previously we were coaching entrepreneurs to set up an online business. Apart of this business was designing and building websites and content marketing for creative agencies.

When we decided to take Caria Watt Web Design Agency and purely focus on offering Website design and development, content marketing, SEO and eCommerce sites and consulting - we understood that we would experience a drop in traffic for the first month, of the new website launch.

In this case, having a solid SEO foundation stopped attracting start-ups, and started attracting established small to medium sized businesses that need a website refresh, help with their SEO, content marketing and to build eCommerce sites. From implementing a new solid SEO strategy, we have actually doubled our profit margins in 2 months.

Make your website optimized for mobile

Mobile optimized websites can operate well on all smart devices. Technology is rapidly improving, and the majority of the population has shifted their work using smart devices instead of desktops or laptops. 

Therefore, any website that is not easy to operate on a smart device has a very little chance to become search engine optimised and will decrease its’ google rankings. To improve the Google ranking of your website, it is necessary to make sure your site is optimised for mobile phones, iPads, note pads, different laptop sizes as well as desktops . 

Optimize your website for speed

A poor loading website has the most negative impact on your business. You might have noticed many times that you stop visiting a website that takes more than 5 seconds to load up. Most people get frustrated with waiting for something, especially as digital and technology has sped up.

This is way it’s important to optimise your website for speed, and never use CMS templates that are can outdate quickly or include big video files that can slow it down. When your site is slow to load, then the best strategy is to make it inactive until you solve the technical issue. The reason is, a poor loading site can damage your Google search rankings more than an under-construction site. 

Focus on links and hyperlinks

Internal and external website links also play a significant role in improving the ranking of your website. 

Internal links give your website good structure and Google search engine can crawl and index your website. Internal help users navigate your website, and go from one page to the next.

On the other hand external website links improve your Domain authority, and drive sales, traffic and leads to your website. The more high-quality sites that link back to your website, the more likely you are to rank well in search engines like Google.

Focus on the users

Users can make your website pass or fail within a few seconds. Website trends have changed a lot, and now only visitors can decide if your business website is actually worth it or not. Therefore, always make sure to focus on the content and design that make your users happy.

Now you should understand what SEO is, why it’s important for your business and the 5 ways to solve low Google rankings on your website. Although this is just touching on the surface, when you’re ready to get your website found on the first pages of Google, let’s talk about how best we can do that with a digital marketing and SEO plan over 12 months. It honestly will be the best investment for your business.

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