Web strategy to help you improve SEO quickly
July 3, 2024

A good digital expert can help you target the right customers to increase your profit margins. You may think you have a good website, but seriously is it converting? 

A common mistake for many small business owners, is thinking a website once published does nothing more. It basically is used as a digital business card. If you want a higher return on your investment, you need to have a web strategy workshop to get a clearer picture of your online digital presence.

We want to help you understand what a web strategy workshop can mean for your business. These workshops are based on researching your digital presence and digital marketing practices. Whether you have a stand alone web project, or you need an all in one digital solution, a web strategy workshop helps you align your business goals and sales objectives through the website, it's functionality, give a better customer experience and have successful marketing goals.

Basically, at Caria Watt, we’re ready to help your business increase leads and sales by using advanced digital strategies. We follow a similar strategy as building the foundations of a new business. For example, you don’t build a business up without having streamlined processes in place. That’s why we sit with you to understand your business, what you want to achieve, and where you want the business to head, to help you get there.

How does a Web Strategy Workshop work?

As mentioned before, we want to get to know you, your business and have a good understanding of your sales and marketing objectives.

Who you are 

The first thing is to identify what you want your business to achieve online. Without knowing your background, where you’re  coming from, we couldn’t design and build the website  correctly.

What your business is all about

The second thing is knowing what type of business you have. When creating your website, we want to get a good picture of your expectations. That is why we need a clear idea of what you are doing and what type of business you have, including your business values.

What kind of features you want the website to have

There should be an idea of the features and tasks you want on your site. Your primary goal may be to promote content, or you may want to have more traffic to capture leads.

Achieving the Business Objectives

The intention of the web strategy workshop is to focus on the goals that are essential to your business. These could be to increase:

  • profit margins
  • new leads, members or customers.

The web strategy workshop will help both you and our team understand the importance of where you want to take the business, over the long term. We aim to learn everything about your business and your customers. We can help you identify  who they are, so that we can design the best customer experiences whilst using your website.

After completing a web strategy workshop, you will get a clear idea of the online marketing efforts and a plan to create something that will help your business get there. At Caria Watt, we can create an all in one website solution that helps you reach your business objectives, over 12 months.

Our primary focus is to help you succeed and reach marketing goals easily.

Is your website designed for credibility?

Yes. We provide a 90-minute web strategy workshop to learn about you and your business, provide solutions that work best for your business, in a timeframe that you’re comfortable with.

Your website is build on a credible CMS platform and over the 12-months we update the site and provide all the support you need. Our aim is to build a long-term relationship with all our clients, like you, to make sure you feel supported. Plus, we build a website with digital solutions that help your brand stay at the forefront of your customers.

Strategy comes first

When building a website you need a strategy first. Without a web strategy you won’t know how to measure your success. You might have traffic on your site, but is it the right type of traffic, that turn into customers? Otherwise you may be missing out on aligning your online marketing efforts with your business goals.

Ready for a website refresh?

Let’s talk about the best possible website solution, with a custom made digital marketing plan for your business. Our web strategy workshop will reveal how your business can dominate your industry and align all your online marketing tactics.

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