Local SEO tactics to help improve your Local SEO
July 3, 2024

Local SEO tactics can increase the visibility of your website and business in a local area. Think of it like organic SEO with a geographical component. When you aim to rank high on Google search pages in a specific area, local SEO is the best way to get there.

But, you’re thinking, how does local SEO tactics help me increase traffic to my website?

Through a combination of producing content on your site and using local SEO tactics.

Writing website Content for Local SEO

Do I need to create content for each of my locations? The short answer is yes.

Yet local content needs to be relevant and useful. Every piece of content needs a reason to be on your website.

1. City Specific Landing page

If your business is a multi location local business, create a separate page for each location. Keep it simple with one page per location.

2. State Landing page

Creating multi-city location pages may seem overwhelming. Begin with one city or region.  Take time to understand the local audience, before building state landing pages.

3. FAQ pages

Almost one third of mobile searches relate to locations. Voice search has changed the way we search online. There is a large shift in how people consume content.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) pages can be optimised to include a snippet on Google. 

4. Local Specials

Give customers what they want with specials to local residents. One idea is have a specials section on your site with discounts and events for local residents. Offering location specific discounts on your website, means locals feel invited and welcome. 

5. Host or Partner local events

You could even host a local event by partnering up with another local business. Announce it on your website to make sure it ramps up your local SEO.

6. Blog content

SEO enriched blogs can attract and increase users to your website. Make sure to use keywords to improve your rankings.

Not sure what to write? Below is a list to help guide you.

  • Announcements
  • Pricing
  • Laws
  • Product announcements
  • Interviews
  • Testimonials
  • Press announcements

Create local SEO content today

It's crucial having high-quality content that attracts local customers to your business.

Search engines have increased the ante on all things local. To grow your business and revenue, you must create hyperlocal content.

Are you looking for local SEO help for your business? No problem. Connect with Caria Watt, and you will receive the reach you have always desired.

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